The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides inputs and suggestions at large on all scientific matters where this is required for the Executive Committee and for other ESP committees. One of the main goals for establishing the SAB is to assure a high scientific quality of the ESP congress by providing the congress Organizing Committee with recommendations for plenary speakers, symposia topics, and chairpersons. However, the function of SAB is not restricted to the organization of the congress, but should also provide recommendations on other scientific matters when requested. The members of the SAB should together cover all the main scientific fields of interest to the members of ESP. We hope that ESP in this way can further progress as a forum for dissemination of photobiological information and scientific discussions.

Alexander Ruban (UK)

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board
Stefania Abbruzzetti (IT) Noam Adir (IL) Adelaide Almeida (PT) Dario Bassani (FR) Roberto Bassi (IT)
Janet F. Bornman (NZ) Silvia Braslavsky (GE) Klaus Brettel (FR) Ellen Bruzell (NO) Jorge Casal (AR)
Roberta Croce (NL) Richard Debus (US) Frank de Gruijl (NL) Paolo Di Mascio (BR) Thierry Douki (FR)
Fabienne Dumoulin (TR) Abishek Garg (BE) Albert W. Girotti (US) Florian Gruber (AT) Mike R. Hamblin (US)
Prue H. Hart (AU) Tayyaba Hasan (US) Sally H. Ibbotson (UK) Yasushi Imamoto (JP) Roberto Improta (IT)
Gareth I. Jenkins (UK) Diana Kirilovsky (FR) Mladen Korbelik (CA) Yannis Koutalos (US) Lionel Larue (FR)
Doug Learn (US) Francesco Lenci (IT) Stéphanie Leroy-Lhez (FR) Henry W. Lim (US) Aba Losi (IT)
Tim Maisch (DE) Miguel Miranda (ES) Antonio Monari (FR) Carlo Musio (IT) Patrick Neale (US)
Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska (CH) Kristjan Plaetzer (AT) Eva Remenyik (HU) Lesley Rhodes (UK) Daniel Roca-Sanjuán
Giovanni Romano (IT) Alexander Ruban (UK) Evelyne Sage (FR) Pål Selbo (NO) Mathias Senge (IE)
David Somers (US) Salvatore Sortino (IT) Henricus J.C.M. Sterenborg (NL) Paola Taroni (IT) Andrés Thomas (AR)
Rex Tyrrell (UK) Cristiano Viappiani (IT) Peter Wolf (AT) Antony R. Young (UK) Gang Zheng (CA)