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Last Name
First Name
Email Institution/Company Laboratory/Department Address Postal Code City Country Fields of Interest Membership Expiration Date
Margot Centre of New Technologies Solar Fuels Laboratory Stefana Banacha 2C 02-097 Warsaw Poland Photochemistry, Photophysics

Photosynthesis, Photoconversion
Gareth University of Glasgow School of Molecular Biosciences University Avenue G12 8QQ Glasgow United Kingdom Photomorphogenesis

UV Photobiology
Sofia Universidade de Aveiro LAQV/REQUIMTE Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro 3810-193 Aveiro Portugal Photomedicine


Photochemistry, Photophysics
Mireia Universitat Ramon Llull Institut Químic de Sarrià - Escuela de Ingeniería - Departamento de Fotoquímica Via Augusta, 390 E-08017 Barcelona Spain Photomedicine