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Last Name
First Name
Email Institution Laboratory Address Zip code Town Country Field of interest
Jean  Sherbrooke University, Faculty of Medicine  Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology  3001 12e Avenue Nord  J1H 5N4  Sherbrooke  Canada  DNA damage and repair

Environmental Photobiology


Ambra Maria  Università di Messina  Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche Biologiche Farmaceutiche ed Ambientali  Viale Ferdinando Stagno d'Alcontres, 31  98166  Messina  Italy  Photochemistry, Photophysics

Photosynthesis, Photoconversion  

Enrico  University of Insubria - Varese  Department of Biotechnology and Life Science  Via H. J. Dunant 3  21100  Varese  Italy  PDT  

Paula,  Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas  Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Centro de Estudios Fotosinteticos y Bioquimicos  Pasaje Tobas 8916  2000  Rosario  Argentina  UV Photobiology


DNA damage and repair  

Paula S.M.  University of Playa Ancha  Center for Advanced Studies  Traslaviña 450  581782  Viña del Mar  Chile  Environmental Photobiology

Photosynthesis, Photoconversion


Danielle Marie  University Health Network  Princess Margaret Cancer Research Centre  PMCRT 5-354, 101 College Street  M5G 1L7  Toronto  Canada  PDT

Photochemistry, Photophysics  
Vipin Shankar  Memorial University of Newfoundland  Division of BioMedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine  Room 1809-B, Health Science Center, 300 Prince Philip Drive  A1B 3V6  St. John's, Newfoundland  Canada  PDT

Michael  Gigahertz-Optik  Business Development  An der Kälberweide  82299  Tuerkenfeld  Germany  Phototherapy

UV Photobiology

Environmental Photobiology  

Fabian David  Queen Mary University of London  School of Biological and Chemical Sciences  327 Mile End Road Fogg Building  E14NS  London  United Kingdom  Photosensory Biology  

Eleonora  University of Parma  Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences  Parco Area delle Scienze, 7/A  43124  Parma  Italy  Photochemistry, Photophysics  

Letícia Daniela  University of Aveiro  Department of Chemistry  Campus de Santiago  3810-193  Aveiro  Portugal  PDT


Photochemistry, Photophysics  

Monika  Melanomaclinic    P.O.Box 210  6162  South Fremantle  Australia  Photodermatology  

Emmanuel Luis  Central Michigan University  College of Medicine  1280 East Campus Dr  48858  Mount Pleasant  United States  Photosensory Biology

Photochemistry, Photophysics  
Kristóf  University of Pécs  Department of Plant Biology  Ifjúság u. 6.  H-7624  Pécs  Hungary  Environmental Photobiology

Photosynthesis, Photoconversion  
Alison  University of Exeter Medical School    Knowledge Spa, Royal Cornwall Hospital  TR1 3HD  Truro  United Kingdom  PDT

UV Photobiology  

Carles  University of Barcelona  Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology and Physical Chemistry and Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry  Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, Av. Joan XXIII s/n  08028  Barcelona  Spain  Photochemistry, Photophysics

Photosynthesis, Photoconversion


Gyula  University of Pécs  Department of Plant Biology  Ifjúság u. 6.  H-7624  Pécs  Hungary  Photosynthesis, Photoconversion

Environmental Photobiology