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Membership list of the European Society for Photobiology

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Country: Field of interest: 

Email Institution Laboratory Address Zip code Town Country Field of interest

Mark,  Liverpool John Moores University  School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences  Byrom Street  PR2 1XX  Liverpool  UK  Photochemistry, Photophysics  

Kinga  Wroclaw Medical University        Wroclaw  Poland  Phototherapy, PDT

Photochemistry, Photophysics  

Peter  University of Sheffield  Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology  Firth Court, University of Sheffield, Western Bank  S10 2TN  Sheffield  United Kingdom  Photosensory Biology  

Ann Ruth  University of Manchester  School of Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Science  Simon Building, Oxford Road  M13 9PL  Manchester  UK  Photochemistry, Photophysics  

Julia  University of Sheffield  Department of Chemistry    S3 7HF  Sheffield  United Kingdom  Photochemistry, Photophysics

Phototechnology, Spectroscopy

Phototherapy, PDT  

Anette  Oslo University Hospital, Norwegian Radium Hospital, Institute for Cancer Research  Department of Radiation Biology  Ullernchausseen 70  N-0379  Oslo  Norway  Phototherapy, PDT  

Georg T.  University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy and Arizona Cancer Center  Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology  1515 N. Campbell Ave.  85754  Tucson  United States  Photosensitization



Judith Jing Wen  Institute of Cancer Research, The Norwegian Radium Hospital  Department of Radiation Biology  Ullernchausseen 70  0379  Oslo  Norway  Photomedicine  

Freddy James Michael  University of Exeter  Department of Physics  Physics Building, Stocker Rd  EX4 4QL  Exeter  United Kingdom  Phototherapy, PDT  
Monte Carlo radiative transfer

Agata  University of Gdansk  Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG  Abrahama 58  80-307  Gdansk  Poland  Phototherapy, PDT


Photochemistry, Photophysics  

Hans Christian Olsen  Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen  Department of Dermatology D42  Bispebjerg Bakke 23  DK-2400  Copenhagen NV  Denmark  Photocarcinogenesis

Phototherapy, PDT