ESP Congresses

ESP congresses are held  every 2 years in a selected European country. They are intended to gather the communities coming from the diverse fields of Photobiology, far beyond European frontiers. They constitute an important forum for dissemination of advanced knowledge and technological development in the various aspects of Photobiology and provide the young scientists an excellent opportunity to deepen and widen their scientific preparation.

Below it is reported the list of ESP Congresses held since ESP Foundation, together with the names of the main local organizers.

2017 - Pisa (Italy)
Francesco Ghetti, Giovanni Checcucci, Francesco Lenci, Franco Fusi, Lucia Guidi
link to the 2017 congress web site

2015 - Aveiro (Portugal)
Maria Amparo Faustino, M. Graça P.M.S. Neves, Adelaide Almeida
link to the 2015 congress web site

2013 - Liège (Belgium)
Jacques Piette, Cécile Moucheron
link to the 2013 congress web site
download the Abstract Book: Part 1 (1,8 MB); Part 2 (1,7 MB)

2011 - Geneva (Switzerland)
Norbert Lange
link to the 2011 congress web site

2009 - Wroclaw (Poland)
Piotr Ziólkowski, Krzysztof Symonowicz, Andrzej Bronowicz, Elzbieta Gamian, Kamil Jurczyszyn, Artur Lipinski, Anna Lis, Beata Osiecka, Pawel Ostasiewicz, Joanna Rogala, Marta Rzeszutko, Przemyslaw Sadowski, Krzysztof Symonowicz, Zdzislaw Wozniak
link to the 2009 congress web site

2007 - Bath (UK)
Rex Tyrrell, Helen Thame, R.H. Guy, S.H. Moss, C. Pourzand
link to the 2007 congress web site

2005 - Aix-les-Bains (France)
Jean Cadet, Thierry Douki, Olivier Falletti, Jean-François Millau, Stephane Mouret, Sandrine Terrier, Jean-Luc Ravanat, Evelyne Sage, Christine Vever-Bizet
link to the 2005 congress web site

2003 - Wien (Austria)
Herbert Hönigsmann, Robert Knobler, Franz Trautinger

2001 - Lillehammer (Norway)
Terje Christensen, Kristian Berg, Berit Kjeldstad, Ellen Bruzell
link to the 2001 congress web site

1999 - Granada (Spain)
Miguel A. Miranda, Bartolomé Quintero

1997 - Stresa (Italy)
Francesco Lenci, Giovanni Checcucci, Francesco Ghetti

1995 - Cambridge (UK)
Anthony R. Young, Paul Heelis, Jane McGregor

1993 - Marburg (Germany)
Horst Senger, Holger Dau, Dieter Dörnemann, Paul Galland, Manfred Tidow

1991 - Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Tom M.A.R. Dubbelman, Gerard Beijersbergen van Henegouwen, Johan Lugtenburg, Len Roza

1989 - Budapest (Hungary)
Györgyi Rontó, Gy. Garab, I. Horkay, K. Jobst, Tatiana Szitó

1987 - Padova (Italy)
Francesco Dall'Acqua, Giulio Jori, Sergio Caffieri, Daniela Vedaldi, G. Zampolini

1986 - Grenoble (France)
Jean Cadet, P. Amblard, J.C. Beani, J. Joyard, B. Muel, M. Polverelli, J.L. Reymond, P. Vigny